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In 2014, a conversation between friends -current partners- was the first step to bring a great winemaking idea closer to reality: producing pisco in the valley of the same name, respecting the traditional processes of its production.

The project was consolidated by bringing together some of the best professionals and lovers of pisco and wine.

Alberto Di Laura, who considers himself an alchemist, since he is a renowned pisco distiller with an impeccable track record, accepted to be part of the project and is responsible for guaranteeing the quality of our grapes, because as he himself maintains: 'distillation begins in the vineyards'. Also known as “El Caballero del Pisco”, Alberto is personally in charge of the distillation, using electrolytic copper stills that were manufactured in Peru under his design and supervision.

Once on the pisco adventure, and in love with our pisco grapes, we decided to allocate part of the production to making wine. And so it was that Pietra Possamai, an outstanding young Brazilian winemaker with multiple vintages to her credit, joined the project to take charge of the wines from Bodega Murga and document the history of our pisco grapes. His energy, creativity and love for nature, together with his vast professional experience, translate into the playful complexity of our wines.

With the same perspective and under the management of Arturo Inga, sommelier and official taster of Pisco, a recognized lover of Creole songs and Peruvian traditions, a fan of photography and a great connoisseur of our gastronomy, Bodega Murga exudes sophistication in each delivery and maintains its three strengths: quality, sustainability and tradition. In this way, the project has turned its winemaking identity into one that respects the environment, rescues and maintains ancestral practices to obtain products of the highest quality.

Our proposal is to offer wines and piscos, without chemicals -in the field and in the winery-, respecting tradition and, at the same time, using the best quality materials in their production”.
Arturo Inga

By not using chemical inputs, Bodega Murga manages to transmit the characteristics of the vines and terroir in the freshest and most transparent way to the glass of wine or pisco, to accompany special moments.

It should be noted that in our vineyard we do not use pesticides or herbicides. Within this same line, we do not use plastic tanks, but stainless steel, while the stills are made of high purity electrolytic copper. Likewise, for the wine process, in addition to using stainless steel tanks, we use concrete eggs, terracotta amphoras and oak barrels free of toxic elements in their composition.

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