Pisco Valley


Located in the Pisco Valley, Bodega Murga was born with the spirit of recovering the natural methods of growing the vine, respecting the distillation process to make our exquisite pure wine brandy: Pisco. In 2014, a conversation between friends -current partners- was the first step to bring this wine idea to reality. The project materialized shortly after with the planting of the first hectares, with Albilla, Italia, Negra Criolla and Quebranta vines in the historic Fundo Murga whose origins date back to the 18th century.

wine in the cellar


pisco valley

Bodega Murga is located in the Pisco Valley, the former Chunchanga Valley, in the Humay district, about 25 kilometers from the sea. The valley is framed to the north by a foothills, and to the south by the dunes of the Villacurí desert. The Pisco River crosses this valley, rising at the height of Huaytará, and flowing into the sea, between the area where the Caucato Hacienda was formerly located and the current city of Pisco. The valley lands have been cultivated since ancient times. The Pisqueño space was forged during the first centuries of our era, during the Early Horizon in which the Paracas culture flourished.

After the decline of said civilization, between the 8th and 11th centuries, the Wari presence dominated the region, establishing a leadership of distinguished ceramicists. Centuries later, the Valley of Pisco was the place chosen by the Incas for the foundation of a royal tambo: Tambo Colorado. The Qapaq Ñan or Inca Trail passed through this location, which went from Vilcashuamán to the sea. The pre-Hispanic inhabitants of the area began to call the entire valley Pisco due to the abundance and variety of birds that can still be seen today.

desert valley of pisco