Negra Criolla

Planted mainly in the valleys of Vítor, Majes, Moquegua and Sama, Negra Criolla was previously known as Negra Corriente, and in Spain – where it comes from – it is known as Listán Negra or Listán Prieta. According to researcher and engineer Guillermo Toro-Lira, it would be the first strain brought by the Spanish to Peru and with which the first wine was made in Peruvian territory. With round, medium-sized and dark berries, but of diverse color; Among them are red, violet and bluish, this fruit has a thick shell and there is less pulp inside than in other varieties.

This variety offers wines and piscos with a lot of character and structure, robust and with a pleasant sensation of astringency. Its aromas evoke fruits such as green apple, light olive or citrus; as well as syrup or pecans. This strain makes it possible to produce a very pleasant and structured pisco in the mouth with very good persistence. Likewise, this strain is used to make the favorite pisco, for many connoisseurs, of the Bodega Murga varieties.

For the reasons explained, Bodega Murga offers wines and distillates that include this strain, such as:

Blendfrom Albilla/Negra Criolla/Quebranta,

Let it Blend,

Tinker Bell,

Mistela Ana María,

Creole Black Pisco.