This strain, best known for its role in the production of pisco, is considered non-aromatic although it provides faint and elegant aromas. It has also been typified as the only purely Peruvian grape by Jancis Robinson in his workWineGrapes.It comes from the combination of Negra Criolla and Mollar grapes, both of Spanish ancestors. It is the most cultivated pisco grape in all the authorized pisco regions, highlighting that of the Cañete, Pisco and Ica valleys. It has a medium-sized cluster, with an oval berry, and a dark, uniform pink color.

Its aroma is marked, fundamentally, by ripe fruits in which banana and apple stand out; although you can discover hints of peach, hay, black raisins and lime. Something notable, however, is that in wines it shows more aromas of tropical fruits, where notes of passion fruit can be found. The Quebranta grape, with great structure in the mouth, reaches its maximum splendor due to its strong and, at the same time, sober character.

Bodega Murga includes this strain in the distillate and in wines such as:

Blendfrom Albilla/Negra Criolla/Quebranta,


Sophia L'Orange,

Pet Nat Quebranta-Italy,

Mistela Quebranta,

Pisco Quebranta.