A very identified and well-known strain in Peru, where we usually consume it both as a table grape and in alcoholic beverages. In the world it is known as Muscat of Alexandria. It is planted practically throughout the entire southern Peruvian coast, although the quality achieved in the valleys of Cañete, Pisco, Ica, Vítor and Sama stands out. Its clusters are moderately leafy, while its berry is large and elongated, green in tone, oval in shape, and takes on an intense golden color when ripe.

This grape, with an impressive aroma in wine or pisco, includes a marked citrus and floral load, which is why it provides a sensation of softness on the palate. Although at Bodega Murga the distillate is made single-varietal, it is often used widely in other wineries as a complement to Quebranta and Negra Criolla when making piscos acholados. In wines, we have discovered that its aroma does not interfere with the fresh and acidic sensation very typical of a white wine.

Due to its properties, this Creole strain is presented by us in different versions of wines and distillates such as:




Alexandria 2020,

Alexandria 2021,

Pet Nat Italia,

Pet Nat Italia Pink.