Known as Negra Moll, it is grown in Pisco, Ica, Cañete, Caravelí and Majes, although in smaller quantities compared to the other grape varieties. The Mollar, with large, dark pink clusters, is very important in the production of Pisco because it provides a good structure in the mouth, with a certain degree of astringency. In wine, it has a marked character of acidity and astringency, which allows us to think of one for long storage in any cellar.

Its aromas can be reminiscent of fresh herbs, such as freshly cut ones, and fresh fruits such as apple, banana, pear, loquat, peach, and some nuts.

Due to its versatility, we have this Creole strain in different versions of wines and distillates such as:



Mollar 29,

Mollar: Breeding in a concrete egg,



Let it Blend,

Pet Nat Mollar.