Albilla is planted mainly in the Ica and Pisco valleys. When it grows, it shows light green tones and a yellow that reaches gold when it is ripe. This grape, called Listán Blanca in Spain, has large conical-shaped clusters that can weigh more than two kilos, with medium-sized berries.

Its fresh aroma of white fruits and citrus, with touches of blonde raisins and some tropical fruits such as pineapple, is capable of captivating any palate.

This variety stands out for its delicate profile and its high glycerol content, which provides a good smoothness in the mouth and a sensation of heat in the distillate. And in the wine, its delicate and floral character prevails.

Thanks to its benefits, this Creole strain is presented by Bodega Murga in different versions of wines and distillates such as:

Albilla I,Albilla-Italy2020,


Albilla: Breeding in a concrete egg,

Blendfrom Albilla/Negra Criolla/Quebranta,

Tinker Bell,


Mistela Ana María

Pisco Albilla.